Lindsey Reviews : The Lady and the Highwayman by Charlotte Davilla

The Lady and the Highwayman
The Lady & The Highwayman
Charlotte Davilla
Kindle Edition

Lady Elizabeth Bennington has the seemingly perfect life: she’s the daughter of an earl and leads a cossetted existence. Harbouring a secret crush on her childhood friend and duke’s son Will Hartley, all her dreams are to come true, when he asks Elizabeth to marry him.  Yet Elizabeth finds her dream quickly becomes a nightmare when disaster prevails at their engagement party, as Arabella, Elizabeth’s wayward sister, exposes a scandalous secret.  This has ramifications for the couple, as William’s father forbids their union and Will is sent away so that he cannot contact Elizabeth.  Tragedy strikes as Elizabeth discovers that Will is robbed and murdered by brigands.  Distraught and facing a life of misery, she decides to escape with her trusted maid to seek passage to the continent and set up house in the country.  Yet during their flight, both women are captured by a highwayman who kidnaps them and decides to take the women aboard a ship to France.  But rather than being frightened by this latest twist of fate, Elizabeth finds herself drawn to her captor, even more so when a shocking secret about him is revealed to her…
This was only a short story but wow! – it was certainly packed a punch. Fast paced with plenty to entertain the reader, the narrative was very well plotted. The author, through her characters conveyed the struggles which women faced during the particular time: i.e. how it was definitely a man’s world and the importance of women marrying well or they found themselves becoming a burden to their parents.  The story moved very quickly and the leading characters of Elizabeth and the Highwayman, certainly sparked off each other.  I particularly liked Elizabeth who was feisty and portrayed a very strong female role. 
Well written, with strong believable characters, would recommend.


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