Great Summer Reads Countdown Blitz - Courage - Lauren H. Salisbury

Lauren H Salisbury was an English teacher for sixteen years with an MA in Education. She is now a writer who dabbles with tutoring and lives with her husband and a room full of books in Yorkshire, England. 

She likes to spend winters abroad, following the sunshine and becoming the seasonal envy of her friends. When she’s not writing, she can be found spending time with family, reading, walking, crafting, or cooking. Courage is her debut novel.

Can one woman evade an alien empire to save her son's life?

Gilla and Elias have the perfect life—or as perfect as life can be for slaves living deep in the Esarelian Empire. Elias wants freedom for his precious wife and daughter, and the rest of their people, and he is willing to fight to get it. Pregnant with her second child, Gilla only wants a happy, healthy family who share a strong faith in the God of Old Earth and to get through her workload each day. 

When the Esarelians decide to teach their rebellious slaves a lesson they will never forget, Gilla’s entire life is turned upside down. She must trust that God has a plan to protect her new-born son, and have the courage to follow it, choosing the strangest of allies in an effort to ensure his survival.

Courage is a science fiction retelling of the Biblical story of Moses’s birth. It has strong, quirky characters, strange alien worlds, and a gripping plot with a twist on the original.

-->The next book in this Series is available in September! Find out more about that book HERE!

Top Ten List:
Ten Fun Facts

1.     I love making my own greeting cards and sometimes sell them at Christmas.
2.     I’m allergic to lots of things, including my own hair.
3.     I have an MA in education with a focus on games in English.
4.     I lived in Beirut, Lebanon for a year and southern Spain for six months. I still speak some Arabic but only a little Spanish.
5.     I play Minecraft at the weekends with my nieces in Canada, and we’re going to build the settlement and space cruiser from my novel, Courage, in one of our shared realms.
6.     I know how to professionally frame pictures and once spent a summer working in an art gallery.
7.     I’ve learned to walk twice as an adult. Once after dislocating my knee and tearing the ligaments, and once after a long-term illness that left my muscles partially wasted.
8.     I donated my hair to the Princess Trust a year ago and plan to do so again.
9.     My young nieces invented lots of the animals and plants for my stories, including vevom (chicken-like creatures with eight tentacles instead of legs).

10.I like to renovate old houses, and I’m about to find my fourth.

Ten Favourite Things

1.     Reading. I can read for hours without noticing night falling.
2.     Evaporated milk. Every baked dessert tastes better with evap, except possibly cheesecake.
3.     My tablespoon. I love cooking and baking, but I never weigh anything on scales. I’ve used the same spoon for years and know how to measure every ingredient using it. Besides, it has a comfy handle.
4.     Messenger. It’s how I communicate with family living in Canada.
5.     My fleecy grey jumper. It’s warm and soft—perfect.
6.     Dry humour.
7.     Firefly. I love the mash-up between outer space and old west, English and Chinese. The main characters’ sense of wit helps too.
8.     Long showers to wake me up and get my brain working.
9.     Coming up with new twists for my series; hidden links between characters are my absolute favourite.

10.Designing a new card. I love to make my own.

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