Review: As She Fades - Abbi Glines

As She Fades

Review: As She Fades - Abbi Glines - April 2018
First off, I have to start with the fact that I am a big Abbi Glines fan which is why I read this book. I was so excited and couldn't wait to start. I read the blurb, and it made me even more excited. Car Crash, Coma and then the clincher Amnesia. My favorite things and again the fact Abbi Glines wrote it.  The book started out great with the main characters being in a car accident and Vale and her boyfriend Crawford end up in hospital. Vale comes out fine but her boyfriend Crawford ends up in a coma. Vale sits by his bedside every day hoping for him to wake up - all summer, she has loved him since she was six years old. While in the hospital Vale meets Slate - her brother's frat buddy. The pair has a rocky start but eventually become friends and later when she decides to go to college, she starts to wonder that maybe she could have a relationship with Slate and that she should as everyone says to move forward from Crawford? Just as she's about to tell Slate, she loves him and vice versa, Part #2 happens. Now, this is where I was expecting Crawford to wake up and forget her, just as the blurb on the cover flap said would happen. But Guess what folks, THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. Instead, it was like a role reversal where we saw Vale in the coma, and Crawford just continued with his freaking life and cheated on Vale and was the complete opposite to what Vale was like. I freaking hated Crawford for this part, but I still had hope that maybe Slate would pop up somehow and that Vale could as she was about to in Part #1 end up with him.  I would have enjoyed this book may be a bit more if the author had been honest with us in the beginning, as there is no reason I can see why the blurb had to be as misleading as it was. Abbi, we love you - people would have still read the book and enjoyed it like I would have. If you want a good New Adult book then this is for you, but I advise you DO NOT READ THE BLURB as it will only leave you feeling disappointed.


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