Monday, July 30, 2018

Coming Soon : Shades of BWWM - Black Women White Men Short Story Collection

Coming Soon to a Kindle Near You :

Paula Phillips aka The Phantom Paragrapher has a short story being published in the following anthology :

Title: Shades of BWWM: Black Women White Men Short Story Collection
Pre-Order Link: amzn.to/2NuSM4m
Published By: Love Journey Books
Release Date: 01/08/2018


This unforgettable collection features Black Women and White Men (BWWM) in a fun selection of short stories. Love Journey Books brings together some of the most unforgettable BWWM stories, beautifully written by the authors themselves.

Featuring 30 micro-fiction, flash fiction, and short stories by 16 writers for one low price!
Whether you’re looking for romance, fantasy, paranormal activity, science fiction, drama, or mystery - Shades of BWWM is just the fix you need.

Read and discover upcoming bestsellers! #BWWM

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Come Party and Join the authors @
Shades of BWWM Release Day Event

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