Saturday, July 28, 2018

Review: Under Construction - Aria Cole

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Under Construction (Blue Collar Alpha Males)

Review: Under Construction - Book #1 Blue Collar Alphas - Aria Cole - December 2016
Paige has always enjoyed her quiet evenings, that is until a new neighbor moves in next door to her - Stone Brennan. The walls of their apartment buildings are paper thin, and for the last few nights, Paige has been awoken by loud sexual noises coming from her neighbor's apartment. She decides to up her game and give him a bit of payback, funny enough this turns him on more. We eventually have the meeting of the two, and they click, and we learn that they are both wanting one another and the pair have a passionate one night stand. Of course, now they have had one another - they want more. Can the pair make their one night stand of wild hot sex and turn it into more of a commitment along with regular passionate sex? Find out in this quick read "Under Construction" by Aria Cole.

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