Review: War and Love - Winter Renshaw

War and Love

Review: War and Love - Winter Renshaw - June 2018

Love Aldridge has just divorced from her prick of a husband and is now trying to regain her life and live it the way she wants too, by buying herself the apartment she wanted with a view of the park and starting up a scholarship foundation for Women. I liked the character of Love as she was written as a genuinely nice person and you felt for her instantly and loved Love. Her ex-husband has to pay her a substantial monthly amount of Alimony and as you guess he's a right grade A jerk and will try anything to get out of it. He even stoops as low to hire someone to fall in love with his ex-wife, marry her and then break her heart as that means he won't have to pay up. Jude Warner is ex-military and a musician at heart and finds himself in a tight spot as his sister's daughter is sick. He finds himself blackmailed to falling in love and marrying Love. As he starts to woo her, he realizes she is nothing like the woman her ex Hunter painted her as and soon War finds himself torn as he is truly developing feelings for her and vice versa. What will happen when Love finds out about Jude? Will Jude stand up to Hunter and his threats and together will Jude and Love find a way to bring down Hunter once and for all and all Hunter's plans backfire on him.  I have to admit as I was reading this book, for the character of War - I kept imagining Jude Law. For an awesome romance read, check out War and Love by Winter Renshaw today.


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