Friday, July 13, 2018

Review: Blackmail Boyfriend - Chris Cannon

Blackmail Boyfriend (Boyfriend Chronicles, #1)

Review: Blackmail Boyfriend - Chris Cannon - August 2015

Haley Patterson has had a minor crush on Bryce Colton, a rich jock. When Haley arrives at school, she is on the other end of a rumor mill. She supposedly got busy this weekend and hooked up after a party with Bryce. The thing is Haley Patterson didn't, but another Haley did. The Haley that did give her a fake last name as she doesn't want her actual boyfriend Denny to find out. Haley Patterson sees this to her advantage as she needs someone to be her fake boyfriend to get her brother's off her back and to show the world that she is not just an honors nerd who loves animals but is in fact also quite dateable. One thing leads to another and what starts out as a fake romance, starts to blossom between the two and eventually will turn into something real. The thing is though that they come from two totally different worlds and their parents aren't exactly fine with them dating. When I read Haley's mother is overreacting, I was hoping it had something to do with Bryce's dad - that would have made a nice twist, but I still didn't see the twist of the real reason coming.  When Bryce has to choose between Haley or his family and wealth, what will he choose? Will Bryce make the right decision or go back to dating fake blondes who only want his money?
Find out in this fun YA romance by Chris Cannon - a change from her more popular
Dragon shifting series - "Blackmail Boyfriend."

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