Saturday, July 14, 2018

Review: The Downside to Love - Meghan Quinn

The Downside of Love (Blue Line Duet, #2)

Review: The Downside of Love - Book #2 The Blue Line Duet - Meghan Quinn- June 2018
I have to admit I enjoyed the first book and the way it finished; I was like NOOOOO how could Stryder and Rory do that to Colby. I loved the character of Colby. Seeing Stryder and Rory together at the end of Book #1 made me expect more of Book #2. I was hoping it would be like a continuation of the story and that something major had happened for Stryder and Rory to fall in love and hurt Colby in the process, but nope. I was disappointed, and I have to admit I love Colby and I liked Rory in the first book but reading the second book made me hate Stryder even more, and Rory went to the dark side. This book goes back to the first meeting with Rory and her friend, remember the party. It turns out that Stryder had the hots for Rory too, but of course let Colby go for it as he had never seen him that happy.  The thing is once Colby gets his dream and poor Stryder is a failure, he swoops in on Rory and takes her for himself - who cares about his friend who is living his hard-earned dream. The other thing that annoyed me was the fact that Rory acts like this freaking saint - Boo hoo, I'm giving up my life to stay home close to my brother Bryan who has autism. I'm going to let the guy I love to going to the airforce, and when he writes, I will stop answering them and then date his best friend, but not tell him a single word. I'll let him find out at the funeral of the one person who cared and loved him so much. What a biarch. He's just lost the one person he cared for, and now you are going to rub it in his face that he lost you too and that you couldn't wait to jump his best friend's bones. You didn't even have the decency to let him know you wanted his friend. Stop acting so naive and innocent and a nice girl, Rory because you are not a nice person.  I read this book hoping it would have a better explanation to why Rory and Stryder ended up, but as I read on it kept making me angry and hating the characters of Rory and Stryder more.

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