Review: Dr ERotic - Max Monroe

Dr. ER (St. Luke's Docuseries, #2)

Review: Dr ERotic - Book #2 St Luke's Docuseries - Max Monroe - June 2017

Harlow Paige is living her life day to day in a job going nowhere as she had planned to go into medical school and become a Pediatric Nurse/Doctor. Life though chucked bad decisions in her way, and she ended up not only losing her dream and writing for a trashy tabloid gossip magazine but also her confidence took a massive hit after a bad break-up from Brett. Years later, Harlow is trying to get back on the dating scene, and all she wants is to get laid. Her latest date was a boring rich pompous jerk and having sex with him has landed her in the ER room of St Luke's.  St Luke's is the hospital which is hosting the latest Doctor Reality TV Show, and Scott Shepard is Dr. ERotic, he is a fun-loving player with no strings attached. That is until he meets his match with Frances Paige, there is just something about her that he can't shake. The day after meeting her, he ends up in the tabloids and a column written by Harlow Paige. At this stage, Scott doesn't put two and two together until a coincidence meeting at the Theatre. Harlow is there with her dad and Scott is there with his mother. One thing leads to another, and their parents hit it off, and Scott discovers Harlow's alter ego. He is not one happy camper. The book moves on, and eventually, the pair started dating, things are going great for them. However, we all have those evil ex-es that love to sabotage us no matter what and in Dr. ERotic - Scott's evil, not quite a go but more friends with benefits gets jealous and sets to ruin not only Harlow's career but also Scot's. Can Harlow prove to Scott that she didn't write that article despite her name on the byline? Or will Scott's reputation and image be too damaged for him to trust another female again? Find out in this awesome read and great series "St Luke's Docuseries' by Max Monroe.


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