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Review: All My Lies Are True - Dorothy Koomson

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All My Lies Are True (Poppy & Serena, #2)

Review: All My Lies Are True - Book #2 Poppy and Serena - Dorothy Koomson - July 2020

This particular author was once a strong favorite of mine when I started reading as I just loved her books like Goodnight, Beautiful and Marshmallows for Breakfast and of course who could forget The Ice-Cream Girls, but then her next set of books released I found I couldn't get into them and then her second to the latest The Brighton Mermaid, I enjoyed and so I couldn't wait to read All My Lies Are True. I wasn't sure what this book would be about but imagine my excitement levels when I discovered it was a sequel to the amazing book The Ice-Cream Girls with Poppy and Serena thirty years later. Those who read The Ice-Cream girls will remember how teenagers Poppy and Serena were arrested for the murder of the teacher Marcus. Poppy ended up going to jail and sentenced and Serena got off scot-free. Poppy from a poorer white family and Serena from a wealthy black family. Ten years later Poppy was released from prison and went to confront Serena - that was in The Ice-Cream Girls. Now twenty years later Serena's daughter Verity meets Logan Carlisle - Poppy's younger brother as he wants Serena to admit that she did it not Poppy. Verity and Logan start spending time together and end up in a relationship. As the year goes on, we read as Logan wants Verity to tell their parents about them but she declines. This leads to Logan turning up half-dead to Verity's father's birthday party and then collapsing. Imagine Serena's surprise when Poppy walks in. So begins another twisted tale as Serena and Poppy's lives are intertwined again as The Ice-Cream Girls as Serena's daughter is on trial for the attempted murder of Logan. This book contains a lot of flashbacks to the girls' relationship with the teacher and their trials and what they went through. We also have a guest appearance near the end from Marcus's son Jack as remember in the first book when Marcus died his just ex-wife was pregnant with their baby boy.  All My Lies Are True is a twisted tale of revenge and will keep you engrossed even though the book is a daunting size at 549 pages. However, depending on how fast you can read, it can be read as I read it in one sitting as I didn't want to put it down, and took me roughly about 4 hours to read from beginning to end.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/35Qi9tb

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