Monday, November 23, 2020

Review: King of Lincoln Park - Martha Kennerson

King of Lincoln Park (Kings of the Castle #7)

Review: King of Lincoln Park - Book #7 Kings of the Castle Series - Martha Kennerson - December 2019

With the new series Knights of the Castle being released, I figured I should get back into reading the few remaining books I have in the Kings of the Castle series. This time we are traveling to the Lincoln Park jurisdiction where we meet our allocated King - Grant Khambrel. Grant is our architect and construction guru of the team, anything building or property needs he is your guy. As like the other Kings having to go up against bad guys,  Grant is up against Alderman Knight who is still stewing about the Castle changing hands and his list of preferred vendors being ousted. After blackmailing Grant, Alderman Knight wants Grant to do his bidding to the great Khali - his mentor and second father-figure. What Alderman Knight didn't bank on though was that Grant would not only be an upstanding guy and care about others but also would fall in love with his daughter Autumn. Can Grant not only save his family business and help keep the Castle and businesses in the clear and on the legal side as well as helping clear the one he loves name as Autumn is finding herself being dragged deeper and deeper into her father's shady side of the business. I liked this one as it brought back the connectivity of the Brotherhood which I had felt was lacking in Daron Kincaid's story King of Morgan Park. I am now reignited with the enjoyment of this series and looking forward to continuing the books remaining in the Kings of the Castle series.

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