Monday, November 30, 2020

VBT# Just Shelby - Brooklyn James

Just Shelby

Review: Just Shelby - Brooklyn James - October 2020

A few years back I read Brooklyn's debut novel at that stage "The Boots My Mother Gave Me" and enjoyed it and when I saw the cover of the book "Just Shelby". I knew I wanted to read it as the cover drew me in and at that stage, I hadn't fully connected that the authors of the books were the same, that came a bit later in conversation. The book Just Shelby starts with Shelby and Ace who are neighbors and best friends living in a small town which is part of the Appalachians. Shelby has always felt that she is better than the town and can't wait to escape as this town killed her father and got her mother hooked on drugs and it is also going to have everyone she loves have their lives ruined. Shelby is an amazing track star and her best friend Ace Cooper is an amazing musician but like her, if he isn't lucky he will be stuck in the town working in the mines like his previous four generations of men. The book has Ace discovering an old band called "Bootleg" which featured Shelby's parents and a friend. The friend ended up making it big and in a new band called Contra Band and soon the pair will track down parts of the band's equipment and in doing so uncover dangerous secrets that surround both Shelby and Ace's conceptions, the day they were born and how all their sets of parents are connected which will then unfold some dangerous truths that the town has tried to hide. I have to admit the book started good, but near the end, it started having a bit too many tangents for my liking and in the end felt like a jumbled mess and left me feeling confused as I finished the book. Overall, I have a bag of mixed feelings about Just Shelby by Brooklyn James which puts this review as a borderline 3 star.

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