Monday, November 16, 2020

Review: The Twins - J.S Lark

The Twins

Review: The Twins - J.S Lark - November 2020

Sarah and Susan growing up were inseparable and then tragedy struck as lies started to unfold and unravel and the girls started to drift apart, that is until Susan shows up on Sarah's doorstep fifteen years later. One of my favorite things to read about is twins and even more so if they are identical. The Twins by J.S Lark also had that added excitement of being a mystery. In The Twins, we learn that Sarah and Susan had a hard life growing up and that in a way Susan has always been the bad twin and Sarah getting the brunt of everything from being almost killed which resulted in their first separation. This book goes through their lives past and present. In the present, Susan has arrived and wants to get to know Sarah and her family again and be part of her life. Sarah though knows how dangerous Susan can be and wishes to have nothing to do with her, unfortunately for Sarah - her husband Johnny still has a soft spot for Susan who was his first love. Though he cared about both twins - Susan was his first girl. As the book goes along, we discover Susan's plan and if Sarah isn't careful - the plan might just work as Susan plans to take over Sarah's life completely and get rid of Sarah once and for all.  The only thing I had hoped we might have gotten more answers about was the fact that both girls had, had children when they were younger and given up for adoption. Overall, though if you are looking for a good identical twin UK mystery, then check out The Twins by JS Lark today.

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