Sunday, November 29, 2020

Review: Doctor "O" - Lilian Monroe

Doctor 'O' (Doctor's Orders #1)

Review: Doctor "O" - Book #1 Doctor's Order Series - Lilian Monroe - July 2018

Now and again, I try and mix my reading and clear some books that have been sitting on my devices for at least a few years, one of them was Doctor "O" by Lilian Monroe. After chatting with her, since the time I grabbed it - the book has been re-edited and re-released with this new cover. This was one of those reads where you don't have to think much about, it's an easy read. The main female in this book Valerie aka Val Brooks finds it hard to achieve the level of completing an orgasm. She has never quite been able to have one. Deciding nothing is working and things must be wrong with her, she heads to a new Doctor. This Doctor is a Hottie and some sparks fly between Val and Doctor Clay O'Neil. As the pair get to know each other, Val realizes that Clay is her other half as he is the only one who can help her reach the level of amazingness and orgasms, that not even a vibrator could reach. Things go great until Val learns that Clay was the guy who ghosted her best friend Emma. Can Clay prove to Val that Emma was just a random one-night stand and that he has genuine feelings of love and wants more with her? Will Val have to choose between her best friend Emma and Clay- the one she loves? Find out in this sexy steamy romance read "Doctor O" by Lilian Monroe.

: https://amzn.to/3fT3a5m


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