Thursday, November 19, 2020

Review: Bridged - Kendra Elliot

Bridged (Callahan & McLane, #2)

Review: Bridged - Book #2 Callahan and McLane Series - Kendra Elliot - February 2015

Whenever I am on holiday or have a break, I try and make it a mission to clear some of my older reads off my devices and my TBR piles. Needing a mystery to mix up my reading tastes lately, I scrolled through to a Kendra Elliot read - she is one of my favorite female mystery writers. In Bridged, it starts with a male throwing a guy over the bridge and making it look like a hanging. The guy was a congressman and so of course the FBI is called to the scene. The next few deaths cause us to realize that the killer has a list and is trying to clean up messes and getting revenge on those that harmed a female in the past as our killer doesn't have long to live as he is dying himself. Over the next course of the novel we will read as the FBI tries to help solve the case and of course, those who have read the other books in this series will recall that Ava has a twin sister Jayne who is always in trouble, and now, of course, has herself tied up with one of the guys on our killer's list and if that isn't enough for Ava to handle, Jayne and her partner also robbed Mason's house and Jayne stole their mother's ring from Ava. In Bridged we see the early beginnings of Mason and Ava's relationship forming and how they are trying to work around that inter-agency relationship policy as Ava is FBI and Mason is PD. Bridged was another great and gruesome murder mystery from Kendra Elliot and if you haven't yet discovered her work, then come out from that rock you have been hiding under and check out her list of titles and different series as each is as awesome as the other.

Amazon : https://amzn.to/36M88ws

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