Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Review: The Secrets They Left Behind - Lissa Marie Redmond

The Secrets They Left Behind

Review: The Secrets They Left Behind - Lissa Marie Redmond - April 2020

Shea O'Connor is settling back into work at the local Police station in Buffalo after her latest stint when the FBI borrowed her to work undercover to find a serial killer almost got her killed as she found herself in the crosshairs of the killer. Now she has been contacted again by Bob who works at the FBI as they have had three girls go missing around Christmas/New Year Break and the leads have all dried up and no-one can locate or find out anything about them. As Shea looks young, she is headed back to Community College in the smalltown under the pretense of the local Police Chief's niece. Here she will get to know the girls' friends and who they hung around etc and try and solve either the crime or at least a location of where the girls are/have disappeared too.  I enjoyed this mystery as Shea starts to uncover some dark secrets that some of the townspeople would love to keep secret. The only thing that I didn't enjoy was that in a way, the girls at the end got a happy ending when the crime was solved but not necessarily the happy ending that we expect in crime novels especially when it comes to stories of missing persons/ teens. Overall, I did enjoy the twists and turns of The Secrets they Left Behind. If you are wanting a mystery that ends with a happy ending, then this isn't the book but if you want one where justice is served, then The Secrets They Left Behind by Lissa Marie Redmond is the read for you.

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