Review: Primal Calling - Barry Eisenberg

Primal Calling

Review: Primal Calling - Barry Eisenberg - September 2020

This story tells the determination of the main character Jake and his mission to find his birth father which almost caused a massive scandal and put multiple lives at risk.  Growing up Jack's mother Lisa always told him he was the product of a sperm donor, but after finding his birth certificate - Jack learns the truth and sets off to search for his father and track him down. Despite hitting dead ends, he continues dutifully and passionately on his search until his father's people are alerted someone is searching for him using his real name as you see Jack's father is a bit of a spy for the government in the oil/engineering industry and now that Jack has started this search and things have been flagged, not only is his Dad's new identity in danger but now anyone attached to the name Stewart Jacobsen could be too. This leads to Jake being kidnapped and meeting his father for the first time. Learning of the need for secrecy, this situation has him not talking to his mum about it which in turn causes him and Lisa to fight for the first time as part of him is growing resentful of Lisa keeping him away from his father for the past 18 years of his life. What was Lisa's reasoning and will Lisa and Stewart ever be reunited to talk about the next steps with Jack or will danger and tragedy strike Stewart aka Tom Gaines when a suicide bomber / radical happens to blow up the cafe he is in while on a mission in Saudi Arabia? Find out in this fast-paced family dynamics and finding yourself debut novel by Barry Eisenberg. After reading this book, it got me thinking even more than I have to get on in doing a DNA test as my Dad never knew his biological father and an only child and also questions around my birth since my mother has passed away and it would be just very fascinating and insightful to find out if we have any DNA Matches, etc.

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