Thursday, November 19, 2020

Review: Paine - Tracy Lorraine

Paine (Rosewood High #2)

Review: Paine - Book #2 Rosewood High Series - Tracy Lorraine - February 2020

Following on from Thorn which was Jake and Amalie's love story, we move onto one of Jake's best friends Mason and Amalie's new friend Camila. Growing up Mason and Camila lived next door to one another and were inseparable, so much that their parents used to joke that they would end up marrying one another. As they continued to grow, they were the best of friends. That was until they hit fourteen and decisions made by their parents split them apart and soon the rift grew larger and larger and that love they had for one another had been replaced with hate and loathing. Mason blamed Camila for his family troubles and his life these days, so much he turned to bully her just for the sake of it. Now four years later, after seeing Jake and Amalie together, something has changed in Mason and he wants that with Camila - that's if he can get over himself and she can realize that deep under his hateful emotions he loves her. Also, it doesn't help that Camila has a boyfriend at the moment - Noah, though she is about to discover that it's not just Jocks Geeks too that can stray and cheat with cheerleaders. What happens though when Camila's father gets a new job which causes Mason's life to come crashing down when he learns the truth about their house? Mason will also be visited with some blast from the past truths that will end up changing his family and his lives forever. Will Mason end up with everything that he has ever deserved? The girl, college, and a stable life for his younger brothers Charlie and Ollie? Find out in Book #2 of the Rosewood High Series - Paine by Tracy Lorraine.

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