Monday, November 23, 2020

Review: Fractured Things - Samantha Lovelock

Fractured Things (Folkestone Sins #2)

Review: Fractured Things - Book #2 Folkestone Sins - Samantha Lovelock - November 2020

This was one series that the first book ended on a huge cliffhanger that whacked a punch and left me going OMFG what the hell just went down. Book #2 picks up from that night when everyone went cray-cray and dark secrets, abuse and betrayal were all laid out on the table. Stella couldn't handle it all and took off with her new best friend Sunday to New York so that she could clear her head on what to do. A few months later, Poe and his dad Mr. Halliday and Payne head to New York to bring the girls on. Here once again in the small town of Folkestone, Stella will have to face a whole lot of demons from discovering her birth father to the truth of her mother Catherine and secrets that surround her as remember Stella hasn't seen her mum since she took off when Stella was 16 and she is now turning 18. Once again, Fractured Things ended on another major cliffhanger that had me going what the heck and had to read that last sentence twice as Woah, did not see that coming. I am now looking forward to Book #3 and to see how Sunday's story plays out.  Folkestone Sins is an amazing series that if you love messed-up families and dark romance and towns with deep, hidden secrets - then you will fall in love with Samantha Lovelock's series.

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