Monday, November 16, 2020

Review: School Monitor - Alex Dunn

School Monitor

Review: School Monitor - Alex Dunn - August 2016

Richard and Chrissie are fraternal twins and Richard has always felt protective over his twin sister Chrissie especially more so these days as at their old school, Chrissie ended up being bullied and tried to commit suicide and Richard blames himself as the girl was his best friend. This book starts with the twins having to move to another new school and a boarding one at that as their father has a new job and wants Richard to befriend his boss's son Spencer. Richard's current girlfriend Beth can't stand Chrissie and tries to warn Richard how manipulative she is but he doesn't listen. Instead, he begs Beth to give Chrissie a makeover for their new school. The twins start and soon Chrissie has found a new friend with Spencer and Richard is busy joining new clubs. That is until he is accused of stealing and this then spirals to Richard breaking "the code" which is a private school way of life. You know the age-old of what happens in school, stays in school. As the book goes along, we see Chrissie rising and Richard getting bullied even worse and the pinnacle of the story is we see Richard on his death bed. With none of his family believing him, can Richard get his old friends Beth, Stew, and Dave to help him prove to the world and his parents that Chrissie and Spencer are behind everything before it's too late and the tables are reversed and Richard starts thinking suicide is his only option? Find out in this edgy YA novel "School Monitor" by Alex Dunn.

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