Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Review: The Thorn Girl - Laura Elliot

The Thorn Girl

Review : The Thorn Girl - Laura Elliot - October 2019

On a mystery buzz at the moment, this book The Thorn Girl by Laura Elliot had attracted my interest especially with the blue cover and yellow butterfly. Then reading the blurb as we uncover secrets that a town has tried to cover up for over twenty years - all this drew my attention and screamed to be read.  Twenty years ago roughly Adele was born and raised by her grandmother as her mother was said to have died during childbirth. Now Adele's grandmother has passed away and Adele is cleaning out the attic when she comes across a backpack hidden far in the corner and inside a diary - her mother's diary when she was 15 years old. In the diary it talks about her mother's awful experience as she was sexually assaulted by three men in balaclavas. Then how she fell pregnant and the whole town saw her as a liar and a trollop. Even her mother didn't really believe her and at this time was involved with a local cult called The Thorns run by Mother Gloria. Marianne was sent to a unwed mothers home to have her baby and then have it adopted out. Reading the diary, this has opened Adele's eyes and now she wants to get justice for her mother and also find out who her father is . However, the smalltown is very protective of The Thorns and keeping their secrets close knit and some of the townspeople aren't very happy that Adele is in town stirring up the hornets nest. Can Adele find out the truth and tell her story or will she be scared off or even worse silenced and killed when she gets closer to uncovering the dark truth that happened in the smalltown ? I did love the twist of the ending with this book as it really rounded off the story. If you are looking for an awesome new mystery to read and get stuck into uncovering a two decade old secret, then check out The Thorn Girl by Laura Elliot.

Amazon : https://amzn.to/36DRNd2

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