Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Review: Checked - Jennifer Jamelli

Checked (Checked, #1)

Review: Checked - Jennifer Jamelli - December 2013

Taking a break from reading mystery novels, I was scrolling through my older books on my Kindle and came across Checked. I wasn't 100% sure what this book was about but I had an idea that it focused on OCD as the book tagline indicated about obsessiveness and counting which is one symptom of OCD.  In Checked we meet Callie and as we can tell her childhood anxieties and OCD arose from things that her parents told her and she took them to heart and over the years they manifested until it became a real fear. Not sleeping well and it starting to affect her work as a TA she is referred to a therapist to prescribe her some medicine. Depending on how you wish to view it, the therapist she was meant to see has a family emergency and so she is referred to the other therapist Aiden. Unlike the one, she was supposed to see Aiden is against medicine or as he calls it covering the disease with a medicinal bandage. As the book goes along, we read as Aiden and Callie bond and start an immersion therapy trial, and overtime after spending so much time together, they end up almost dating. I liked Aiden as he helped Callie grow out of her shell and then a tragedy occurs and Callie ends up in the hospital. This part sort of annoyed me as Aiden should have been there to help her rather than wimping away, though as you learn the reason in the book it still frustrated me. Checked also ends on a cliffhanger but I am in two minds about continuing with this series. If you are a fan of mental illnesses/ disorders in fiction, then check out Checked: a tale of Callie's journey with OCD.

: https://amzn.to/3kGTwmX

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