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Review: Prep School Experiment - Emily Evans


Prep School Experiment (Experiment #2)

Review: Prep School Experiment - Book #2 Experiment Series - Emily Evans - November 2013

One of my favorite YA authors is Emily Evans as I love the fact that she takes ordinary people like you and me and puts them into situations where they end up in a wealthy or a position that they never could have imagined for themselves and in a way they earned it as well fair and square. In Prep School Experiment it starts with one of our main character Rhys's old school friends Elena confessing that she switched his test paper with someone else from their school - Thane ( a boy she liked and wanted a chance with). Back home, Rhys lives in a trailer park with his mum and her latest boyfriend. The book then jumps to the science fair where one of the characters is talking about a hurricane in the town that ended up with children being switched at birth. This leads Rhys life to change as it turns out he was switched at birth and the woman he has called the "Librarian" and gotten close to happens to be his possible birth mother. Of course, her family and her husband are very wealthy. This leads Rhys to the "prep school" where he and a few students are about to uncover some dangerous secrets - fact A) all the students are guinea pigs and being given drugs to test in the guise of vitamins. This leads to Rhys, Elena, Thane, and Kaitlin (a new friend) to go into hiding and trying to survive. Life for Rhys is about to get harder as he now must navigate staying alive, working with the discovery of a whole new family, a new school, and a whole different class of people as his new family is considered part of the 'elite' crowd.  Prep School Experiment was a fun read and I loved the trope of "switched at birth".

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