Monday, November 16, 2020

Review: King of Morgan Park - Karen D. Bradley

King of Morgan Park (Kings of the Castle #5)

Review: King of Morgan Park - Book #5 Kings of the Castle Series - Karen D. Bradley - December 2019

It's been a wee while since I read a Kings of the Castle series, so was scrolling through my kindle and came to King of Morgan Park by Karen D. Bradley. I have to admit, I wasn't feeling the same love of the Castle members in this book and if it hadn't featured some of the characters from the other books it wouldn't have felt like one either as the King of Morgan Park has been named and it is Daron Kincaid. Unlike the others, Daron didn't go to the same school as them but he did know Khali as he was his sort of mentor. The other different thing is that Daron inherited his seat at the table from Bishop who was a Crime Boss. We do have Daron's love interest as Cameron who was a former assassin/hitwoman and then we do have bad guys that are threatened by Daron and want him run to the ground, or better killed which again was similar to the other stories as Daron not only runs a security business but he also mentors young men to help them get away from the life of gangs and to set them on the right path by using their talents for good not evil. Overall, I did enjoy King of Morgan Park as it was good to be reunited with the other characters and familiarity of some storylines from the previous books in this series I have read but in saying that it just didn't have that same connection feel among the brotherhood aka the other Kings of the Castle.

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