Thursday, November 19, 2020

Review : The Lost - Natasha Preston

The Lost

Review: The Lost - Natasha Preston - March 2019

In the small town of Aurora, there has been a rash of teens gone missing. The local officers have put it down as runaways but two friends Piper and Hazel know it is something fishier. Teens just don't vanish and not in the high amounts that it is occurring. With summer break coming up Piper and Hazel decide to don their detective hats and get some answers about the latest runaway - a girl named Lucie and so they hit the lake where the cool parties are held. While they are at the party, they are hit on by two cute and rich guys Caleb and Owen. The girls shrug it off and head back home. The next day the girls are heading home on their bikes when it looks like rain is about to hit and they are offered a ride home from Caleb and Owen. Reluctantly they accept the ride. The girls never make it home, instead, they are about tdiscover just what has happened to the runaways as it turns out Caleb, Owen and another few friends have designed a torture game for their entertainment. Normally they only kidnap one, but Piper and Hazel were a package deal. Enter the house, they meet a couple of the other teens they have abducted including Lucie. In the house, there are five rooms of torture. Over the next few months, Piper is subjected to torture over torture but seeing as she is strong, she doesn't let it damage her. I have to say I loved the character of Piper as she was strong and determined to survive and not let the guys get the better of her. I hated her best friend Hazel with a passion - JFC she went from an outspoken blunt to a freaking wimp overnight and she never got tortured in the house. The only thing that didn't sit right with me was the open-ending of the story as unless it's a cliffhanger with a sequel coming, I prefer my standalones rounded off with a nice, tidy bow - that includes my YA mysteries and thrillers which The Lost did not do.
The Lost was filled with lots of twists and turns which made it a great YA thriller like Natasha Preston's other stories.

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