Thursday, November 19, 2020

Review: The Inheritance Games - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Inheritance Games (The Inheritance Games, #1)

Review: The Inheritance Games - Book #1 Inheritance Games - Jennifer Lynn Barnes - September 2020

One of my favorite YA authors that I have always enjoyed ever since I was in my mid-twenties was Jennifer Lynn Barnes after reading and falling in love with her book Tattoo. She is one author whom I have followed her works and different series, enjoying some more than others but the majority enjoying. The Inheritance Games was in the pile of ones I enjoyed and OMG that freaking cliffhanger ending has made me wishing Book #2 was already out and published, though it's still sitting Untitled at this stage. In The Inheritance Games, we meet Avery Grambs who is smart and sometimes she focuses on herself and others she just skates by with her dream of getting out of this smalltown and hopefully one day fulfilling her mum's dream of traveling around the world, it made me smile to see a postcard of New Zealand. Avery and her half-sister Libby on her Dad's side live together after Avery's mother passed away. Avery spends most of her time between school and hanging out in the park playing chess with a homeless guy called Henry. One day, Avery is called to the principal's office and sees Libby sitting there with a guy in a suit. The guy's named is Grayson Hawthorne and he is about to tell Avery something that will change her whole life. Avery learns that she has just inherited a massive amount of money and her life practically goes from one extreme to the other overnight. The thing though is she is about to discover that Tobias Hawthorne loved games and involved with her Inheritance is a fun scavenger hunt - can Avery work together with his four grandsons to find out the reason why Avery is inheriting this stranger's fortune? I did love the twist at the end of this book and it had me going OMFG and wondering if he plays a huge reason, why Avery was the "chosen one".  If you love YA mysteries and authors like Sara Shepard, then you will love Jennifer Lynn Barnes and her story "The Inheritance Game".



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