Saturday, November 28, 2020

Review: The Unwanted Spy - Scarlett Haven

The Unwanted Spy (Spy Academy: The Royals Book 1)

Review: The Unwanted Spy - Book #1 The Spy Academy : Royals - Scarlett Haven - June 2020

A theme that Scarlett Haven has seemed to stick with when she is writing most of her series and there have been a few with this exact setting and themes are the Spy Academy run by Michael Sinclair out of Switzerland. The story then focuses on one girl being stuck amongst a team of four boys and then of course the book ends with the group being in a reverse harem situation as the girl has fallen for all the boys and vice versa. The Unwanted Spy was another one of those. The Royals part comes from the elites of the Spy School. These are the students that are the best of the best. Our main female character Roxy is the fifth generation of Spies and all her family has been Royal. Unlike her family, though Roxy hasn't quite gotten the finesse side of being a spy and often seemed like a disappointment. This is her chance to prove to her mother especially that she can be part of their group. The downside is that the boys aren't exactly welcoming and hating the fact they have a girl in the mix or is this just a facade the boys are putting up and are they secretly harboring feelings for Roxy? Will this help or compromise their mission when danger and tragedy strike their team? Find out in Book #1 The Unwanted Spy. The first book in Scarlett Haven's latest Spy Academy series.

Goodreads Link : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/53576780-the-unwanted-spy

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