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Review: Finding Chris Evans - The Ever After Edition - Elizabeth Bemis

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Finding Chris Evans: The Ever After Edition

Review: Finding Chris Evans - Ever After Edition ( #6) - Elizabeth Bemis - October 2016

Clearing my kindle of older reads, I saw Finding Chris Evans and it made me smile as I had read two of them previously. I purchased the whole series on kindle as the premise sounded amazing, a fortune-teller telling six strangers that they would fall in love with someone named Chris Evans. In Ever After Edition, we meet our female character Ellie who is a social worker and her sister nudges her to get her fortune read. Here she is told she would fall in love and meet her HEA with Chris Evans. Once home, Ellie decides to check it out as there can't be that many Chris Evans in their smalltown but turns out to be 5 as it seems or in her case 6 when we discover her lucky guy's real name is John Christopher Evans II, as John shares the same name as his dad - he has always gone with Chris. He has gotten a job at the local hospital and meeting his first patient is a foster kid, this puts Ellie in his path. The two strike up a connection but of course, Ellie doesn't pay much attention as due to a spelling error she thinks the doctor's name is John Enars. As Ellie goes along her journey to find her "Chris Evans" she will meet the others but realize they aren't her "One" all the while the handsome Doctor keeps being thrown her way. What will Ellie's reaction be when she learns that her Doctor is known as Chris Evans? Was he her perfect one and "Ever After" all along? Find out in Elizabeth Bemis's take on Finding Chris Evans.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3fby6xc

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