Saturday, November 21, 2020

Review: Finding Chris Evans : The Hollywood Edition - Lizzie Shane

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Finding Chris Evans: The Hollywood Edition

Review: Finding Chris Evans - ( Book #2) - Hollywood Edition - October 2016

Remember Ellie's stop at the mall to meet Construction actor Christian "Chris" Evans. He is there promoting his latest book and his Tv show where he is known as the Addition Magician. He is the guy to go to if you need any additions to your house but after a bad time with a reality Tv show model etc, he just wants to step away from the fame and fortune and settle down. While standing in line to meet this Chris, Ellie meets a girl Trina whom we learn had a one-night stand with this Chris Evans and now is pregnant with his baby. She has tried everything that she can to get a hold of him, but his publicist team, etc has been dodging her calls. This is her last resort. When it looks like she might have missed this opportunity to get him face to face, Ellie realizes this Chris isn't her "one" but Trina's and decides to stage a diversion. Will the diversion work and will Chris step up and take responsibility as it takes two to tango? Does he still feel the same way he felt that night when he visited the Blues music bar with Trina especially now that there is a baby on the way? Find out whether Mr. Hollywood and Miss. Medical Student will get their HEA and will Ellie continue on her quest to find her "Chris Evans". The Finding Chris Evans series is perfect for all those wanting stories of true love, soulmates, and fate/destiny.

Amazon : https://amzn.to/35Q3Kx9

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