Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Review: Local Woman Missing - Mary Kubica

Local Woman Missing

Review: Local Woman Missing - Mary Kubica - May 2021

One of my favorite little benefits of being a reviewer and running a book blog is that we get to read a few books before they are released to the public. Lately, I had been in a bit of a reading slump and none of my romances on my kindle/iPad were grabbing me so I moved to a mystery as that always gets my attention. Local Woman Missing had several storylines running through the book and took me a little while to get into and fully understand what was happening and how it was all connected. The first woman missing is new mother Shelby Tebow who disappears while running and then a local midwife is found murdered and her 6-year-old daughter remains missing. Now eleven years later, a young girl has managed to escape her abductors and she says her name is Delilah. The thing is though that she went missing around the same time, some things don't add up and soon it leaves her family wondering if this is Delilah and if not what happened to the real Delilah and that fateful night that Delilah and her mother disappeared? Read as the mystery of what happened to Shelby Tebow started a domino effect and shook the smalltown and community eleven years ago. Once you got your head around the different storylines and how they all weaved together, then Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica was a good mystery that keeps your interest.

Amazon : https://amzn.to/3ge8IHJ

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