Review: Dark Prince - Michelle Hercules

Dark Prince (Blueblood Vampires #1)

Review: Dark Prince - Book #1 Blueblood Vampires Series - Michelle Hercules - April 2020

Years ago, I was a massive fan of Vampire fiction and I would have snapped this up quickly but after reading years of Vampires and Supernatural fiction. It all started to blend and I lost interest in it. However, this series had captured my attention and so I decided to give the first one a read and I found myself loving it and it reignited the enjoyment I had when I read series like Vampire Academy and the Fallen series. In Dark Prince, we meet our Dark Prince aka Lucca Della Morte - he is one of Blueblood Vampire royalty and has just awoken from his last slumber which was part of a curse thrust upon him from the Queen of the Nightingales. Unfortunately, the only way to reverse the curse is from the blood of a nightingale but they haven't been seen for centuries and if he doesn't get cured then the next time he goes into slumber, he may not wake. Our main female character is Vivienne Gale and her twin brother Rikkon. Her brother gets into trouble with the Dragon King and the only way to save him is for Viv to steal Lucc's necklace. Viv then ends up going undercover at the boarding school for Vampires and comes face to face with Lucca. There is a strong connection there and strange things are happening to Viv which shouldn't for a normal human. I liked the chemistry between all the characters and the way the story progressed with all its twists and turns. It had the sense of a vampire story, a supernatural collective, and a bullymance romance at the same time as well as that strong protectiveness and relationship between siblings and that no matter what happens, that we will always go to the end of the world for the ones we love and protect. I am now looking forward to continuing this story and reading Book #2.


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