Saturday, May 22, 2021

Review: The Wishing Pearl - Nicole O'Dell

The Wishing Pearl (Diamond Estates, #1)

Review: The Wishing Pearl - Book #1 The Diamond Estates Series - Nicole O'Dell - October 2011

Those who follow my book blog will recall that I am trying to make an effort this year and read books that have been sitting on my kindle for years. This particular one The Wishing Pearl by Nicole O'Dell, I have had since 2012-2013. What I loved about this series was even though it is a Christian YA series, it touches on the edgier subjects of drinking, drugs, and even the uncomfortable issue of sexual assault. In this book, Olivia is sixteen and has been trying to tell her mum how she feels about her stepdad Charles, but her mother has been blinded by the amount of wealth that Charles has and provides her with everything she needs and ever wanted. Olivia's mother wasn't always like this but now she has become accustomed to life as a "Stepford Wife". When Olivia is finally brought home by the police, that is the last straw for her mother and on the advice of an officer friend Mark Stapleton. Olivia and her mum fly to Denver, Colorado to visit Diamond Estates. Here at Diamond Estates, a group home for troubled girls - Ben and his wife Alicia, along with a couple of counselors aim to help girls overcome their problems and start a new walk with God. This was a fun series but also at the same time, a powerful novel of recovering from tragedy and having to learn that through Christ who strengthens me, anything is possible. The Diamond Estates series by Nicole O'Dell is great for those teens who are wanting to walk the line of exploring those worldwide topics but also keeping in mind the Christian way of life and views. Fans of Melody Carlson's and The DiMarco's various series will also enjoy the Diamond Estates series by Nicole O'Dell.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3bLiOig

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