Review: Disaster Girl - Michelle Dayton

Disaster Girl

Review: Disaster Girl - Michelle Dayton - May 2021

Tess Greene's life is all about disasters and how to cope with them. From her life is a list of dating disasters after she broke up her engagement to Daniel on the day of their wedding by sleeping with someone from his wedding party to covering for her mum and protecting her younger sister and then for her job, Tess helps create disaster recovery programs for businesses Tess is also like Anna Faris's character in the movie "What's Your Number?" where her romance is a revolving door of one-night stands and sexscapades. That is until one of her one-night stands ends up with a sex tape that soon the whole of America is about to view. The timing couldn't be worst as she is also up for a job promotion and this tape could ruin her, the other thing was that the sex wasn't even that great. One of Tess's workers Abigail has a friend Max who is great at hacking and now Tess has paired with Max to try and get rid of the sex tape before it can air to the public. Of course, though Max and Tess have this connection, what happens when Tess's insecurities come creeping back and she feels she doesn't deserve Max and will try to save him from hurt but in the process of breaking her own heart? Can Tess discover that she deserves happiness just like everyone else and now it is time for her to stop protecting everyone and worrying about everyone else and put herself first.

Find out in this fun romantic comedy/ women's fiction read by Michelle Dayton.



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