Sunday, May 16, 2021

Review: Countdown to a Kiss - Piper Rayne

Countdown To A Kiss (Hockey Hotties, #0.5)

Review: Countdown to a Kiss - Book #0.5 Hockey Hotties Series - Piper Rayne - April 2021

One of my favorite authors has a new series out and whenever she releases something, I know I will love it. I also love the fact that she writes these prequels to the series as it gives the readers a bit more background to the series and by the time, the actual book comes around - you already feel like you know the characters and can't wait to read their love stories. In Countdown to a Kiss it's New Year's Eve and for three Hockey players - Aiden, Ford, and Maskim - they are hanging out at a party that their owner of the squad is hosting.  This book sets the setting for the three books to come in this series. We have Aiden who will be first, he is currently on a bit of an unlucky streak but an unattainable woman might be the one to change that, Ford who is a party boy and is on his last straw as his father wants him to clean up his act and return home - he has sent his family's lawyer to collect him but those two have a frenemies relationship and then we have Maskim- our Russian who has found a beautiful woman however she has made it pretty clear, that she does not date Hockey players. After finishing this prequel, I am now looking forward to reading more of the Hockey Hotties series and getting to know these characters a whole lot better. A great start to another awesome series by the wonderful duo known as Piper Rayne.


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