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Capturing Fate

Review: Capturing Fate - Book #2 Fatal Truth Series - Abbie Roads - January 2021

At the end of Book #1 in this series, we read as Cain Killion and Mercy were finally able to get their HEA ending. Book #2 is told not as a sequel but as an alongside novel as we read some crossover in Capturing Fate that was talked about in Fatal Truth like the shootings at the Institute where Mercy was being held and Liz - who was like Cain's maternal figure was killed and where we learned about the Doctor. In Capturing Fate we are introduced to two characters Dolan Watts who is an FBI agent and like the other characters in Abbie's book, he has special abilities that include heat vision and amazing eyesight, and Daughter Dawson who was adopted as a little girl. Both characters never knew their biological parents and had traumatic pasts and are about to learn just how special they are to humanity and a new generation of people. We learn that Dolan was part of an experiment when he was younger and managed to escape and Daughter is the child of a famous serial killer who reminded me of the cult leader at Jonestown. What will happen though when Daughter is kidnapped and the only way for Dolan to get her back is to confront his past and with someone who can easily set him up or kill him? Will the power of love overpower fear? Find out in this twisty science-fiction romantic suspense by Abbie Roads.

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    Abbie Roads

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