Review: Weightless - Gia Riley

Weightless (Begin Again Duet #2)

Review: Weightless - Book #2 Begin Again Duet - Gia Riley - July 2015

Sophie is finally starting to heal after the perfect summer with her boyfriend Kipton and his family. The thing though with Summer over, things are about to change again, and is Sophie strong enough to overcome all the obstacles that will be thrown her way, or will she return to her old ways of vomiting to keep control and release the pain? Sophie is starting back at College without Kipton, but at least she has his sister Cara and her boyfriend Drew as her roommates. Things though will start to threaten Sophie's wellbeing as her past and Kipton's comes back intending to threaten their hold on each other. Sophie's abusive stepfather Dean is back in town and dying of Cancer and then her ex-boyfriend Blaine who has already tried to kill her once is out of prison and on the rampage to get revenge as if he can't have Sophie, then he is about to make sure that nobody can even if that means killing her. If that wasn't enough of a dent in Kipton and Sophie's relationship, Kipton has discovered that his first love and heartbreak Alissa is at the same college as he is and dating his best friend Troy but she has made it adamant that she wants Kipton and Troy is her second-best option. With all these obstacles thrown in their footpaths, will Kipton and Sophie be able to prove to each other that their love is strong and that they are made for each other and what hurts them will only make their love and feelings for each other stronger? Find out in Weightless by Gia Riley - Book #2 in the Begin Again Duet. This is the perfect duet for those who love edgy NA reads set in a college environment as this is one of the earlier New Adult reads before the market got saturated in them and they slightly changed direction.

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