Review: The Sick Wife - Loretta Lost

The Sick Wife

Review: The Sick Wife - Loretta Lost - May 2021

First off, I love this cover and have a crush on it. The other thing is that this book was amazing and I could not wait to get it and read it. It did not dampen my expectations and I highly recommend The Sick Wife to everyone who doesn't mind reading a book that features Covid-19 as I know some people are a bit iffy about books that mention the coronavirus as they want to read to escape reality and they feel that this hits too close to home and real lives. For me, I didn't mind being in New Zealand, we are living lives as normal as we can. In The Sick Wife, we meet Camilla who is an ICU nurse working on the Covid ward at the local hospital here in New York. One of her patients is a pretty woman named Evie and is getting worst each day. One day Evie asks Camilla to call her husband. Camilla goes to Evie's phone and discovers two numbers - one saved under Sexy Babe who turns out to be her lover and one called Huge F-A which turned out to be her estranged husband who is back in France. Camilla calls her husband Gabe and the pair starts talking and soon that talking goes to messaging and a romance blossoms, the pair get even closer when Evie ends up in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator and it looks like her days are numbered. What happens though when Evie does wake up and goes back to France to be with Gabe? Where does that leave Camilla? Gabe is torn between the two as he loves Camilla but has to choose between her and his wife Evie. The book goes along and Camilla suffers a mental breakdown and then gets remarried, but then strange things start happening in the relationship. Has Camilla fallen into a dangerous relationship as her savior turns out to be her downfall? Find out in Loretta Lost's amazing romantic thriller "The Sick Wife". You will not be disappointed.



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