Review: A Pair of Pears, and an Orange - Anna McGregor

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A Pair of Pears and an Orange

Review: A Pair of Pears, and an Orange - Anna McGregor - June 2021

Could be that I am feeling a bit sentimental and missing reading kids' books, that I have decided to reinstate reviewing picture books on my site as I do have a few on my devices to read and review. This cute one told using fruit is about sharing and friendships and what it feels to be excluded and then included. The book starts with A Pair of Pears hanging out and having fun together and then along comes an Orange who would like to join in on their fun and become their friend. One pear is happy and includes Orange whereas the other gets a bit huffy and looks for other friends and then soon realizes that having two friends is better than one and that there are a lot of activities that a pair of pears and orange can do together. This picture book is very easy to read and is only 32 pages of full illustrations and a simple line of text on each page, making it fun and enjoyable for a toddler to read or listen to.


A Pair of Pears and an Orange - Scribble — Award-winning picture books for  kids


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