Review: None Shall Sleep - Ellie Marney

None Shall Sleep

Review: None Shall Sleep - Ellie Marney - September 2020

This book had captured my attention in the library from the cover. It's so simple yet it had a feel of the '80s and a horror/slasher theme to it. The year is 1982 and the FBI is in the early days of creating the BAU aka Behavioural Analysis Unit. From this, I knew I would love this book as one of my favorite TV shows was Criminal Minds which was based on the BAU and also, I love profiling in general and anything attached to the FBI and crime. The second thing that got me hooked on this book was that the FBI are wanting to interview teenage killers and to do that, they have hired two 18-year-olds Emma and Travis who have had their own past experiences with serial killers. So, the drawcard of teenagers as acting FBI agents was another reason, I wanted to read this book. None Shall Sleep takes us back to the year 1982 and currently, Emma and Travis have been tasked with interviews, that is until one of their interviews leads to a current case that has the FBI running around in circles as they can't seem to get a solid lead. Enter serial killer Simon Gutmunsson, this one is personal to Travis and he seems to have taken a liking for Emma. As Emma gets closer to Simon, is this his way of manipulating the FBI or does he have a hint of empathy towards Emma? Can Simon help the FBI and Emma/Travis by solving the identity of the Butcher of Berryville before it's too late and Emma finds herself once again in the clutches of a serial killer?
Find out in this Australian author Ellie Marney's YA Crime/Thriller.



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