Review: Kind Words: The Glue that Helps Keep us Together - Jeni D. Davenport

Kind Words: the glue that helps keep us together

Review: Kind Words ; The Glue that Helps Keep us Together - Jeni D. Davenport - May 2019

Sometimes, I get sent children's picture books to read and review. These are great when you are wanting something quick to read when you are sitting in front of the TV, or want to read something but can't feel the concentration of sitting for an hour or so. I have also wanted to go in the direction of sharing positive children's books on my site, ones that hold a good message. I liked this one as it shows readers which are the children that the power of a kind word can go a long way and that it can help make someone's day and stop the power of bullying. A kind word can be something as simple as please and thank you, or a compliment like 'you look pretty today" or even a sentence like "you can play with us". Kind words are the glue that holds people together and when we all share kind words, the world is a happier place. This book is perfect for ages 6-8 years old and is great for teaching children the positive impact of kind words.



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