Review: Out of the Dark - Danah Logan

Out of the Dark (The Dark #2)

Review: Out of the Dark - Book #2 The Dark Series - Danah Logan - May 2021

I have been enjoying this series and its edginess feel. It reminds me of Meli Raine's series - Harmless, Shameless, etc. Where slowly a massive conspiracy theory is revealed and everyone is playing their parts to hide the dark secrets and making sure nothing is ever revealed. In Out of the Dark, we continue Lily's story from where it ended on the cliffhanger in Book #1. We learn that Lily has been kidnapped again and we discover the true identity of her kidnapper "him"  and his relationship with Lily. This surprised me a little how he was connected to her. The other thing that I did like about Out of the Dark was we had a "her" who also has been busy monitoring Lily over the years. I wonder if this is her biological mother Emily but we won't find out more until Book #3. The part that did frustrate me though was Tristan and Heather's reactions as I wanted to know why they had high-tech security. Out of the Dark did answer some questions, but also left me with a whole new set of unanswered questions, which I hope Book #3 will answer. I almost would have rated this book 4Ps but the whole secrecy angle even with her friends frustrated the hell out of me and was like I get what's going on, but they would have understood and kept Lily's secret - maybe even better than Mr. Moody Rhys where I was like I get you love Lily, but jeez Louise - let her be, she has everything under control and isn't this freaking delicate wee flower, she's strong so back off a bit.  I am now looking forward to Book #3 as I hope for a rounded conclusion of what happened the first time Lily was kidnapped and why all this secrecy is surrounding her.



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