Chicken Soup for the Soul KIDS : Sophie and the Tiny Dognapping - Jamie White and Lorian Tu

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Sophie and the Tiny Dognapping: A Book About Doing the Right Thing

Review: Sophie and the Tiny Dognapping - #Chicken Soup for the Soul KIDS - Jamie White and Illustrated by Lorian Tu - September 2021

Growing up in my late teens to early adulthood, I loved and devoured the Chicken Soup for the Soul books as I enjoyed reading all the amazing stories that had happened and they were genuine wonderful news stories. Recently, they have released some stories aimed at young children and feature around a group of kids called The Sunshine Squad who help aim each other in the right direction. In Sophie and the tiny Dognapping, we meet friends Sophie and Mia. Mia has a wonderful dollhouse and a cute little dog doll, Sophie adores it but Mia doesn't like to play inside with dolls and would prefer to be outside playing sports like Basketball. Sophie thinks that Mia won't notice if she takes the little dog. Sophie's right, Mia doesn't notice but Sophie starts to feel ill, and guilt niggles in her tummy. She must now - own up and do the right thing and return the dog to Mia and tell the truth, no matter what the consequences. This little picture book which is aimed at children aged 6-9 years old reinforces to children that not only is stealing bad but that Doing the right thing like telling the truth is always the best outcome as lying is not only making things worst for the other person but damaging your self-esteem even more as with Sophie - the stealing and lying was causing her to feel physically ill.  I am looking forward to reading more of these cute stories and it has made me now want to go back and check out the other Chicken Soup for the Soul stories for Teens/Adults.


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