Review: Boys of Brayshaw High - Meagan Brandy

Boys of Brayshaw High (Brayshaw, #1)

Review: Boys of Brayshaw High - Book #1 Brayshaw High - Meagan Brandy - January 2019

Even now as I write this review a day after finishing Boys of Brayshaw High by Meagan Brandy, I am in two minds. This book and series have been on my e-reader since their release and like most books on my devices and own bookshelf, they get lost, and then one day it pops into my mind and I decide to read it. I had gotten this one as I love the theme of the whole bullymance and the high school setting. This book starts with us meeting Raven Carver aka Rae who is a troublemaker and put into the foster care system. She is advised to either stay away or bend the knee to the Brayshaw Brothers. However, Raven isn't the type of girl to happily roll over and not let a guy walk all over her as she grew up with a mum who liked to sleep around. Raven's attitude though and her will not bend will attract the attention and place her in the middle of a war between the Gravens and the Brayshaw's - the two top families in the town. Now this is where I am on the fence with this book as I loved the storyline but in parts, it felt a little too repetitive, and that we were going around in circles. The other thing was that it was such a long book and felt like it took forever to read. It did contain a lot of angst and I have to say, I will eventually get around to reading Book #2 but not in a major hurry. I didn't feel I connected well to either Raven or Maddoc but would love to see more of the Captain and his storyline with Zoey as I think that would make a great spin-off book.



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