Review: Second Chances - Tiffany K. Brooke

Second Chances (Broken Roses)

Review: Second Chances - Tiffany K. Brooke - January 2021

After reading Erin Lee's book at the start of this great series Broken Roses and enjoying it - I knew I would. I decided to check out the rest of the series and continue with the books. Second Chances takes us into the world of April who was an amazing soldier and team leader in Afghanistan. The book starts with their humvee hit by an explosion, some of the team are thrown and when April comes too, she aims to wake up everyone and save the team. Unfortunately, not everyone survives, but she gets most to safety - however sadly not before a second explosion happens. Waking up in the hospital, April has discovered most of her team is dead and she is no longer a whole person as her leg had to be amputated. April arrives home to her new life as a wounded civilian but finds it very difficult to acclimatize back to this world and way of living. She finds solace in the bottom of a bottle as she turns to a life of alcohol, after one too many drinks - April realizes her life is out of control and this book is April's ride to reclaiming her life and where she wants to be as well as overcoming PTSD and learning to live in the real world. I am now looking forward to continuing this series and finishing the remaining books.



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