Review: Thirteen Hours to You - Annie Emerson

Thirteen Hours to You (Sometimes Goodbye Duet #1)

Review: Thirteen Hours to You - Book #1 Sometimes Goodbye Duet - Annie Emerson - April 2021

I was drawn to this book by the cover and the title as it screamed angst and hurt and I was in the mood for an edgier read and something that would hopefully tug at my heartstrings and get that blood pumping as starting a new job that can be hard on the emotions, I needed an outlet and Annie Emerson's book I had hoped would do that. Thirteen Hours to You was a bit of a frustrating read and in some aspects, I could see why the main female character had a hard time opening up and letting people in but it got to a point where it was like seriously wake up Boo Radley, you have people that care for you and it's time to move on and stop playing the victim card. Tragedies of all sorts happen to people all the time. This book starts with us learning that Boo has been assaulted and then people calling her names, taking videos and an onslaught of bullying occurs. She then gets ready to move to her Nana's for a fresh start, she goes to one last party but can't get the courage to go in and face her attacker. At that party she meets Kai - the stranger and the two share a conversation and Kai tells her if they meet again, he promises to buy her pineapple pizza. The book then jumps to Boo starting a new school and running into two friends Linc and Kai - and he is all about fate and second chances and as we read on plans to fight for his "violet-eyed girl". We read as Boo has a tough time letting anyone in close as she feels she can't trust anyone now, but slowly Kai worms his way into her heart with promises and her guard starts to drop. What will happen though when her guard drops completely, only for a single video clip to shatter the trust and Boo will build her wall back up this time double-glazed. Will Kai ever stand a chance to get back in and prove himself or has he ruined his HEA chance? This book ends on a cliffhanger and will be continued in the second book which will be from Kai's POV.


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