Sunday, May 9, 2021

Review: Interlude: Peripeteia - W.H Rose

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Interlude: Peripeteia (Sidereal #2)

Review: Interlude: Peripeteia - Book #2 Sidereal Series - W.H Rose - April 2021

At the end of Book #1 which in this case does need to be read first, we learned that when you find your soulmate even the mere thought of being separated can almost kill you as your soul feels like you are being torn into two. When Venus went to a concert of her favorite KPOP group that was touring America, she never thought that one of the members would be her forever soulmate and she would end up bonding, he wasn't even her favorite in the band. The pair have now spent time in America but for Taein Park, it's time he returns to his "real life" of music and even though Venus's mum has brought a lot of shares in his record company, it's not like they can afford to take much more time off. Venus's mother has brought them a house in Korea and now Venus is transported to a brand new country where she speaks little of the language and knows only the band yet she's been told that she and the band can't be seen in public as her new husband has to have the image of being single. With the language barriers and family and work now dividing and adding stress to their new relationship, will this test push Taein and Venus to the brink as they will have to learn that with love will come sacrifices and hard decisions? This was a good conclusion to the second part of Venus and Taein's American/Korean relationship and seeing as it is set in Korea with Korean characters, can also be an appropriate read this month with AAPI History Month as it talks about Korean public holidays and family traditions.

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