Saturday, May 15, 2021

Review: Made in Korea - Sarah Suk

 Made in Korea

Review: Made in Korea - Sarah Suk - May 2021

I was in two minds about this book as I did manage to finish it but it still felt not quite right for me as the book starts with Valerie who has a K-beauty business at school run from her locker with her cousin Charlie. They have done well and this is Valerie's senior year and she thinks this will help her college applications and her dream is also to take her Nana to Paris, France with the money she has earned. Things are going well until new hottie Wes comes along and ends up creating a business of his selling Crown Tiger merchandise and this becomes a competition for Valerie. The thing too is that Wes is more personable than Valerie but he too is driven as he wants to go to Music School and since his parents don't agree, he has to earn the money himself. You can tell that this book is set up for the pair to have a relationship, but it is a very very slow burn as they don't show sparks together until almost near the end of the book. I have to admit this wasn't a favorite either as I found the two main characters quite selfish and only caring about themselves which frustrated me as they were both so narrow-minded and acted like they didn't care about anyone but themselves. I don't know if I felt this way as I am older and read a lot of books, and if I was maybe a teen myself, I might have felt different.

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