Review: Her Silent Spring - Melinda Woodhall

Her Silent Spring (Veronica Lee Thriller #4)

Review: Her Silent Spring - Book #4 Veronica Lee Series - Melinda Woodhall - December 2020

Her Silent Spring is the 4th book of the Veronica Lee series and I am almost nearing the end of reading all of Melinda Woodhall's books as I started with her Mercy Harbor series and then jumped to the spin-off starring Veronica Lee who was a news reporter. It's funny as we see quite a few of the other characters from the Mercy Harbor series but we don't hear of Eden and Leo Steele, though in this book Leo's name does get chucked out as being an amazing lawyer, that you don't want to go head to head with. In Her Silent Spring, we have two storylines and both are follow on's from previous books. The first is the secret identity of El Diablo - the group of criminals that have been trafficking and running drugs and then the identity of Skylar's mother - Summer. As those who have read Book #3 of this series, will remember that Veronica and Skylar's father Donovan Locke worked with El Diablo and was killed at the end of Book #3. This book takes us to Sky Harbor where Skyler's mum Summer and Donovan both grew up. For years, everyone assumed that Summer had just run away and couldn't be lying in the ground murdered. Now the truth has been revealed though, it looks like it has risen other skeletons and some dark secrets that the town had hoped to have kept silent. It looks too that someone in the town is even willing to kill those who may have the conscience to talk. What will happen though when Frankie is targeted by the sheriff and it looks like he may end up back behind bars as a suspect for murder? Can this band of misfits help Nessa - Chief of Police and Special Agent Charlie Day solve the murders on their hands and identify the bodies piling up? Find out in Book #4 of the Veronica Lee Series by Melinda Woodhall. Fans of Kendra Elliott and Melinda Leigh will love this author's work.




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