Review: The Insiders - Tijan

The Insiders (The Insiders Trilogy, #1)

Review: The Insiders - Book #1 The Insiders Trilogy - Tijan - May 2021

As a fan of Tijan's books, I was excited to be able to read The Insiders. I went in blind not knowing what to expect as often I find that the best bet, otherwise I tend to end up disappointed in the story and not able to enjoy it to the full as my expectations aren't met. In this book, it starts with a punch as Bailey wakes up home alone to find intruders in her house. They are ready to kidnap her. Luckily a neighbor hears her scream and she finds herself able to escape to safety. The next scene cuts to Bailey and her mum as well as a couple of investigators. Bailey is about to learn that her mother lied about her father and that the true identity is why she was kidnapped and that in a way Bailey has known all her life who her father is as he has been her technology idol growing up and her hero. We learn that Bailey now has to make a hard choice as this isn't the first time the kidnappers have tried to steal one of her father's children. Go with her mother and into the WITSEC or meet the father she has always wanted and never known. Of course, Bailey chooses her father but will learn that she is an "outsider" and a happy family isn't exactly what she will be walking into. Here Bailey meets Kash who works for her father and we can see the sparks flying and I loved the banter between these two. With all the spare time on her hand and her skills, will she learn who is behind the kidnapping and then somehow find herself a pawn in a much bigger mobster war? Find out in this good start to a new trilogy by Tijan. The Insiders finishes on a cliffhanger ending but not one that leaves you gasping and tearing your hair out as the next book takes forever, but one that will leave you pondering till the next time we are reunited with the characters from The Insiders.



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