Sunday, May 16, 2021

Review: One, Two, Follow Through - Starring Polly Pivot - Mary Jacobs

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One, Two, Follow Through!: Starring Polly Pivot

Review: One, Two, Follow Through starring Polly Pivot - Mary Jacobs and Illustrated by Ron Noble - June 2021

Feeling a bit nostalgic lately and part of it too could be missing it from my old job, I have been reading and reviewing a handful of children's books. One, Two, Follow Through is written not only by a female championship golfer Mary Jacobs but also has the main character being a female golf player. Polly Pivot has been playing golf in some capacity ever since she was a baby and as she is getting older has only gotten better. Now that she's old enough, she gets to go to Golf camp and learn some new moves. However, the instructor is very old school and has the philosophy that you must act like a robot when you swing. Polly just can't get the hang of it and play golf like that. She heads home after a bad day and starts researching other successful sports heroes and realizes they all have one thing in common - the One, Two, Follow Through pattern. The next day she adapts it to her golf game and starts a new trend.  As my partner plays golf, I had a bit of prior knowledge of golf which made this more enjoyable. This book is written for ages 6-9 years and is a sophisticated picture book. This book teaches children all about how practice makes perfect and that if something doesn't work for you, don't give up as you may just find a new technique that works brilliantly, just like Polly Pivot.



1-2 Follow Through — Walla Golf

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